North West Air Ambulance Charity

Improving and Managing IT Services

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Contact: North West Air Ambulance Charity, David Sinclair, Head of IT & Data Governance 

Industry: Emergency Services Charity 

Location: North West England 

Users: 100+ Employees

Network ROI have been working with NWAA for the past four years, working on multiple projects to improve and manage their IT services.

The North West Air Ambulance is an Emergency Services Charity, operating in North West England with 100+ employees.

The North West Air Ambulance Charity's helicopters and critical care vehicles operate 365 days a year. Their highly skilled specialist doctors and critical care paramedics provide enhanced pre-hospital care and hospital transfers to patients across the North West region, an area covering 5,500 square miles and over 8 million people. 

Since it launched in 1999, the Charity has been called to over 24,000 missions across the region at an average of seven times a day. A significant number of critically injured patients would not have survived without the service that the Charity provides. The North West Air Ambulance Charity (NWAA), would not be here without the support of its community of fundraisers and partners. 

The Charity is completely reliant on public and corporate donations to keep the service operational, helping to save lives. They must raise over £9.5 million each year to support their lifesaving service. 


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Network ROI has worked on various projects with NWAA including Data Centre hosting, IT support, security solutions, hardware maintenance contracts and infrastructure project work.

Previously, all of NWAA services were hosted and accessed via a remote desktop environment. This resulted in slow systems including their e-mail and CRM system which resulted in a frustrating user experience.  

This led to an inadequate level of support regarding their IT needs. They had been experiencing several adverse effects, including time delays, caused by a lack of planning during the implementation of their IT migration phase. 

Key Highlights

Network ROI continues to help NWAA with all of their IT needs and has overcome the challenges the charity has faced in the past.

NWAA value the guidance in regards to improving and managing IT services.

Helicopter with two paramedics standing side by side

We’ve had a close relationship with Network ROI for the past four years. They are our strategic IT partner providing us with server hosting and IT support services. We are confident that we’ve partnered with a very well regarded company in the IT industry.

David Sinclair

Head of IT & Data Governance


Network ROI have helped improve NWAA IT significantly. This was achieved by assigning a huge resource to ensure that the Charity were able to migrate their services efficiently and without any downtime to their business. They now have a system that their staff enjoy using as it performs well and is reliable. 

The charity sector is relentlessly targeted by cyber criminals, therefore IT security is a huge concern for NWAA. Working with Network ROI provides the assurance that the products and services they have in place are secure and effective. 

Network ROI test NWAA’s backup and restore processes so that they can be confident that recovery time is minimal in the event of a serious outage.

Running a charity often means that adhearing to limited budgets can be challenging against running costly IT projects. Hiring in-house IT specialists can be expensive both in terms of salaries and management time, so outsourcing their IT is a more cost-effective option for NWAA. It also means they benefit from having more than one person looking after their IT systems and they can tap into Network ROI’s specialist knowledge on an ‘as required’ basis.

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